2.2x Growth in DTC Sales - +2.9x increase in ROAS

2.2x Growth in DTC Sales - +2.9x increase in ROAS

Social ads - creative strategy - UGC
Facebook - Instagram
2.2x Growth in DTC Sales - +2.9x increase in ROAS

Project results


YoY DTC Sales


increase in ROAS


Collagen brand’s DTC channel battling rising CAC and decreasing sales in face of increasing retail outlet cannibalization, creative fatigue, iOS privacy changes

Challenge & Approach

Win new incremental customers, increase messaging variety, refresh creative in channel.

  • Build out full-funnel prospecting, retargeting, retention campaigns. 
  • Increase creative testing throughput by utilizing messaging frameworks to address customer painpoints and desires - leveraging UGC heavily to increase ad engagement and site purchase.
  • Increase diversity in ads - leaning into new collagen flavours, new UGC models, honing in on benefits related to hair, skin, nails.


  • 2.2x increase in attributable YoY DTC sales
  • 2.9x increase in ROAS
  • +7% increase in new customers while holding CAC flat

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