Generate MQLs for Finance Tech

Generate MQLs for Finance Tech

Lead generation - Linkedin - Creative Strategy
Linkedin - Hubspot
Generate MQLs for Finance Tech

Project results


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Enterprise financial planning platform coming out of stealth mode adds their first inbound channels to their sales and marketing mix.

Challenge & Approach

  • Leverage Linkedin to identify high-value prospects & facebook to retarget them with lead magnets
  • Generate demand by identifying biggest pain points and missed opportunities that our target personas (CFO, CEO, VP Finance) suffered from in financial planning processes and leveraging them in prospecting ads.
  • Construct persona specific Linkedin campaigns leveraging title, industry, seniority, and company size attributes to reach financial decision makers at series A-B companies to drive top of funnel leads via website traffic and linkedin lead ads.


  • Lead volume surges with a very healthy 13% lead / click rate on Linkedin
  • Total average lead CPA of $55, with improvement towards $33 CPA over a month of optimization
  • Integrate leads directly with hubspot CRM to facilitate smooth handoff to sales team

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