+73% new listings acquired YoY for Airbnb

+73% new listings acquired YoY for Airbnb

Acquisition - Automation - Keyword Research - LP Testing
+73% new listings acquired YoY for Airbnb

Project results


Increase in listings


Decrease in CAC


+73% new listings acquired YoY for Airbnb

Challenge & Approach

  • Supply in key markets globally are being outpaced by guest demand on leading homesharing platform
  • Airbnb host team needs to acquire more listings across multiple languages and regions
  • Expand paid search keyword portfolio into new potential host personas (ie. empty nesters, professional real estate investors, money motivated homeowners).
  • Build out global campaigns in multiple languages - leveraging a combination of localization services, automatic bidding rules, locale based LTV-modifiers, and novel workflow improvements to automate new keyword ideation


  • +73% new listings acquired YoY with CPA decrease of 18% - from paid search.
  • Represents ~5% of total global airbnb new host growth.

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